Essex Social Services

The draconian actions of a local authority


I became aware of Essex social services for approaching them my self for help due to having two ADHD children and a new born baby girl back in 1996..

I myself was convinced that they were there to help family’s such as myself and many other family’s in desperate need off any help that they could offer’  only to be turned away and told they did not have the fund’s to help me now’g i was on the verge off a nervous breakdown from GP referrals.

A number of week’s had passed and i could cope no longer with the lack of sleep and the dangerous situation’s both my ADHD son’s had put this family in’ and i did finally have a nervous breakdown.

It was then that social service’s hit me with an interim care order and remove my children’ under the grounds off negligence and causing emotional abuse’ i had to take my own children to there foster parents with the aid of social workers named manager Ruth Mckenna and trainee Alison Barrett and the police’ my self and my children were very tearful as i had approached social services for help priory to this taking place.

Many report’s went into social services due to the fact my children had been physically abused by the foster parent’s boyfriend whom was a police officer at the time’ and they had also witness the taking of drug use whilst under the care off the foster parent whom was a single parent her self’ only to be accused of breaking the foster placement down and causing more emotional abuse and further neglect to my children’ they were finally removed from the foster parent’ due to the amount off my family member’s concern’s for my children and were placed in a children’s home’ to which they run away from on two occasion’s’ due to this my contact was removed for four month’s until a further foster placement was sort.

my children finally was placed with a wonderful couple in Kent’ whom notified me that social service had applied for an adoption order without my knowledge and concent as my children were still only on an interim care order and they were asked to be the adoptive parent’s’ if the order was approved.

after 4 year’s off fighting the social service’s and the lie’s that were proved in court’ i finally won the right to have my children returned to me’ under a new social worker and daily supervision for a year.

I myself finally became more aware of the suffering my children had really gone through  when all abuse came to light’ not only did they suffer physical abuse via the foster parent’ it also came to light  that the social worker Alison Barrett’  had also physically abuse my daughter by slapping her’ and pushing my daughter of a swing in the park’ because none of my children would except the social worker Alison Barret’ when stating to my children i did not love them and did not want them and this was the reason for them being in care.

We have now after 10 year’s’  finally over come the ordeal’s that myself and my children have gone through from social services’ a system they call a careing system’ but still with many scar’s that will never be removed.

For any parent mum/dad that lose a child or children within the system my word’s to you never give up keep fighting as parent’s we will beat this system of neglect that does happing to our children.


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  1. This whats needed Lisa. The more the general public can see, the harder it will be for these child snatches to hide! They do nothing to help families, they just think that they can play God!! Keep this great blog going.

    Comment by Sam Hallimond | January 19, 2010 | Reply

  2. hi lisa,
    i know how that feels in so many ways, the local authorities treat everyone including children and babies like shit and get away with it,
    im at the moment getting told im not allowed on my childs birth cert just because a psych said i may be suffering from narcisstic personality disorder,

    much love;
    colby x

    Comment by colby | January 19, 2010 | Reply

  3. changes are needed but in every area not just specific ones
    the whole system and the people working as care workers social workers all need to be trained to meet each child’s need’s as well as the parent’s need’s,and part of this not being met is due to not enough cares or time that the system wishes to offer’ all child or children are fob off as well as family member’s as a nothing and law need to be changed

    Comment by lisajaneday | January 19, 2010 | Reply

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